High Interest for Performance at Split Festival 2023

High Interest for Performance at Split Festival 2023

The number of compositions submitted for the Final Competition Evening of the Split Festival 2023 once again confirms that Prokurative is one of the most attractive stages for popular music. By March 1, 166 songs had been officially submitted to the competition, from which the best twenty will be selected according to the opinion of a six-member jury.

The evaluation of the songs will be based on the personal experience, expertise and experience of each individual member while respecting the quality and assessment of the production scope of each composition. Due to the large number of submitted songs and the best possible evaluation, the evaluation will take place in two rounds, and the list of songs will be published on March 23. The committee has a demanding job and to do it as professionally as possible, they will be presented to the public just before the publication of the selected compositions.

"Songs came from all over, but the rules for applying were clearly prescribed for everyone and there were no deviations. The interest was truly great and I am most pleased that colleagues of all generations came forward. Both young and old generations want to sing at Prokurative and that's exactly what I want, to make Prokurative a gathering place for all generations, fun and quality songs. The biggest incentive for me is precisely the interest and passion of the musicians towards the Split Festival because they show how important this event is for our city. We now have a demanding job ahead of us as we need to listen to and evaluate all the songs and sometimes recognize the potential of the song itself or the artist because not all the songs received are at the same production level. What I can promise is that we will do our best to choose the best ones so that the audience can truly enjoy this summer, not only at the Final Competition Evening but also during all seven days," said artistic director Stevo Vučković Stivi.

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